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Please do keep in mind that this essay is for a pro-life crowd. If you have any thoughts or comments, including those that may oppose this post, feel free to write. I look forward to hearing from you!

Do you believe, that what you believe, is really real? Do you know that what you truly believe has an impact on your life?
If you walk into my house in a week or so, you will notice strange little lights and garlands adorning the walls. You will hear songs like “What Child is This?” playing on our sound system, and you will also hear us reading the Nativity story from the Gospels. What are we doing? Of course, you will probably guess that we are celebrating Christmas. And you would also know what we believe about Christmas from the way we are celebrating the day–because what we believe about something determines why and how we commemorate or celebrate it.
This is also true about life. As I look at America today, I see babies are being butchered before they even take first breath. Children are being lied to and abused. Millions of adults and teenagers are wasting their time and their lives with immoral and wasteful pursuits. Our elderly face a long, lonely stretch of life, and now the possibility of legalized mercy killings. And from this we realize America is celebrating a way that seems right to her people. She is celebrating advancement, wealth, and strength. She is celebrating her right to rule herself however she sees fit, and to do whatever it takes to keep her happy. America is celebrating man’s glory. But this celebration can’t afford the weak, the helpless and the incapable.
The important question is, what is the focus of your celebration? Is it your religion, your lifestyles, your determination of what is right and what is wrong? In that light…. how are you celebrating? If our reasons for being pro-life are purely to save babies and oppose murderous laws….then we too have the wrong reason for our celebration.
Ecclesiastes chapter twelve states that the whole duty of man is to fear God and to keep His commandments. Jesus said, in John chapter fourteen, I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Jesus Christ is the giver of Life, and the One who defeated death. If Christ is the focus of our celebration, we will celebrate life…both now and eternally. If Christ is the focus of our celebration, we will fight against the glorification of death.
Jesus Christ is the Life.
So let me ask the question: Is Life the focus of your celebration?


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