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Another year.

An update…I’m now a 19 year old girl who enjoys the golden prairies and wild winds of the West!

Something fun I did yesterday, starting about ten minutes till March 18 officially began, was to quickly type out the highlights of the last year. I included new friends, changes in relationships, vacations, joys, sorrows, and other significant happenings. It was fun to see, in a nutshell, all the different things I’ve done and experienced this past year, all the things I learned and the ways God has blessed me. Some of those memories were happy, and some considerably less so (to put it mildly). But all of our experiences and memories help shape what we are. God can use those things to teach us, to bless us, to encourage us, and always, always, to shape us into the person He wants us to be.

Don’t wait for your next birthday! Go ahead and start a list now. Pick some significant point in your life (e.g. a birthday) and start recalling! I’d recommend keeping a diary, too. There are so many little details, stories, thoughts, ideas, etc which we forget within an hour of thinking or experiencing them!  I’m the kind of person who likes to have the whole story with all the little details….especially if it’s my story!  Times when I go back over my diary I’ll find spots which make me laugh–“Holy cow! Did I actually do that?” There are spots that make me thoughtful, sad, or angry…but I’m so happy that I wrote them down.

Keep an on-the-computer diary if  hand writing takes too long (and it really does). Even if it is a couple lines describing the kind of day you had, or thoughts that came to you, believe me, you won’t regret having recorded it.

Word of caution: Don’t leave it open or where somebody could read it. Then you probably will regret it! 🙂

Happy writing, and enjoy your run over memory lane!


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