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We were up late last night. My brother Albert was showing my mother and me some video clips on YouTube. We had just finished watching, my mother was out of the room, and I turned to leave.

I noticed that my “baby” black lab Judah was standing and looking very intently at one spot on the carpet–just in front of his nose. He would stare intently, make a little lunge with his nose, and then go back to staring. I couldn’t see what he was looking at (our computer room has very dim lighting, and a flowered carpet) but this is how he acts whenever he has something interesting right in front of him, and he can’t decide whether to eat it or not….be it a moth, a grasshopper, etc. So I leaned down to take a look.

A three inch curve, a little thicker than my thumb….THEN IT MOVED!

I think, if you’ll pardon the expression, that all hell broke loose at that point. I SCREAMED and SHRIEKED all kinds of who-knows-what while throwing Judah back and beating off the other two dogs.

“It” was a HIDEOUS fat pink worm-caterpillar-larva thing….THREE inches long….THICKER than my thumb!
Needless to say, the commotion brought my mother over in a flash, and I had to stop screaming in order to explain the situation–at which point I noticed Albert standing on top of a chair. (He thought that I was screaming at a spider.)
That THING was still on the floor, writhing rather vigorously at this point.

Thank goodness for courageous mothers who are utterly unaffected by their ridiculous children. She had me take the dogs out of the room and bring her a grocery bag…after which she went out into the night and disposed of “it”.

I was shuddering and quivering and walking on tiptoe, scanning the rest of the house for worms….I felt as though I were about to be ambushed by a whole pack of them.

The whole time I bewailed (rather loudly and half laughing) how hideous the thing was, how fortunate we were that we didn’t step on it, what kind of a terrible watchdog would kiss a worm instead of protecting us from it, how I wouldn’t kiss Judah for the rest of his life, how I wouldn’t even touch him for the rest of his life, and so on.
(I might add that Judah ran to his cage and remained hidden during this rant–he must’ve figured that mommy was in an unstable and dangerous state of mind.)

Albert descended from the chair and made his way through the house much the way I did — in a much less vocal fashion.

After a few more miseries ( I lamented over the worm while Albert was drinking some water, and he ended up spitting the entire mouthful out after imagining “it” curled inside his cup.) I went to bed…..a bed which was very, very well-searched prior to its being used.

I wonder what the neighbors thought…the whole episode happened after midnight, and all our doors and windows were open to let in the cool night air. 😦
(And things other than night air, apparently….)

All of this to say…..do you ever get the feeling that God must sit back and laugh at some of the things we do?      😀

Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Smile!  🙂


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