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Across a golden sweeping plain
With prairie flowers a-strewn:
Across a sea of sapphire spark–
The mother of the dew.

Across the great & wide unknowns
And the hills you’ve never trod–
I call to thee, to stand with Me
Jesus Christ, thy God.

Across the Heavens, marbled,
On canvas ember red,
Across the macabre caverns
Where light & love seem dead.

Across the path of heartbreak
Where the darkness takes its toll,
I call thee, to follow Me-
The Shepherd of thy soul.

Across, a cross, I bid thee come,
across the raging sea.
Look not at waves of your fear and pride-
Gaze only, child, at Me.

Across, a cross I too have borne–
I know the pain, the dread.
Still come to Me & rest thy soul-
I will be your joy instead.


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~To Write~

Well, you told me to write:
So I took up a pen and wrote part of my heart–
And I hope it’s a song for you.

So you told me to write.
To take up a pen and a splash of ink,
To carry some things which are true.

And having set out to write,
I wandered off the path–
To gather a bouquet of smiles.

And having been told to write,
I danced through a meadow of joys
And walked the path of shared miles.

Yet still, I stilled not to write.
A salt inlet of Sorrows bid “Come;
Come rest upon my gray shores;

For ere any assay to write,
Ponder who twas came to your aid,
When once you were drownt in my woes.”

Then, afore I took quill up to write,
I rose, resolved yet to linger
By Sorrow’s chill and iced swells.

For in order to be ready to write,
One must gather the tokens of love–
Find in Sorrow the best pearls and shells.

Here then, what I had to write–
In wandrings through thorns and through blossoms,
Your friendship has ever shown true.

Can any begin then to write,
Of one constant through dark and through light,
Save but to say, “I love you”?

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