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~Winter Cry~

~Winter Cry~.

Wander, pace this path again

Feet still, I watch the frost flakes fly

These first frost flakes that herald more–

An angry, biting army more.


Hoary, this cold mob will blind

And I will continue to wend

The journey back to homeland shore–

The fair forsaken homeland shore.


Stumble, forests trap and tear

Tis not the wounds that slow my task

But legs so swift in coward’s flight–

So weak to save me from the night.


Breathe, and know that home is nigh

Yet know, my guilt the door hath barred.

All treasures scorned in my disdain–

Shall not be mine to hold again.


Blue, the blizzard leads me on.

Dark red, the sky a canopy.

And snow my mark on earth erase–

My defiled steps shall all erase.


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I sought to friend red Autumn’s child

Princess of flames she scattered wild

Her canvas, regal mountain sides

Glint of her smile for souls beguiled.


Would then I’d known my outstretched hands

Had blindly grasped at burning brands.

Her ochre eyes, not mine to keep,

Shed falling tears to lull to sleep.


I sought to friend cold Winter’s Dear

She danced pure silver, ev’ry year.

Who moonlight clad, imbued white fear–

My fervent arms embraced her near.


Would then I’d known twas’ whirlwinds clasped–

That no love keeps such dancers trapped.

Her diamond lips, not mine to keep,

Sang frozen winds to lull to sleep.


Would I had known the black of night

That ne’er in hope sparks with the light.

And would that hearts not mine to keep

Had swiftly sent me to such sleep.

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So inky script did fade
These words to ashes gray
And what once shone in cavalcade
Has dried and blown away.

Shields then formed a wall
But gloria victoria
Now blazes hot in fiery fall–
Has dried and blown away.

Demons stay to dance
Whirl, fingers latched, close to our hand
I know this plague so shook our stance–
It’s dried and blown away.

The wind will not return again
That which we sacrifice and lend
Too quickly precious things of men
Have dried and blown away.

Keep close the blood within your heart
And tear-filled eyes that shine like stars
Guard this pain lest love depart–
And die to blow away.

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I wrote no songs to help your steps
Along the red and winding path
That stretched away o’er purple hills
O’er raging waters’ foamy wrath
For leave you must and gone we be
Each to safe-guard his birthright load
And on your way with but a glance
Upon the red and winding road
No final words to see you off
No cloak to shelter from the breeze
My hands, too clumsy for a loom
To birth a shield twixt night and thee
No tears! I wish thee hale and whole
With smiles to ornament this goad
That urges thee keep to the quest
Upon the red and winding road
Summer’s gold! An emerald field
Once knew the mettle of our souls
And spar we did beneath the trees
By sapphire rivers’ ceaseless roll
Now folly’s laid amid the moss
The years have harshly taken toll
For scarcely do the four winds blow
Nonage to the red and winding road
No promise, Friend, to meet again
No slowing in your steady stride
Our blades will bear us company
Both singing sweet whilst swinging wide
Let sweat and blood bind sacred vows
Dark rending to the storm-clouds bode
May heaven keep all burning hearts
Fast to the red and winding road

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Tread upon the silken wave
That purple spinning foaming flood
Where sailors gaze upon the grave
And where the waters mix with blood
The shining creatures dart and spin
A shroud of mystery for the deep
And yet to Thee the shrieking din
Is but a song to lull to sleep

Look upon the foaming crest
That wrenches souls in panicked fear
As lightning shatters Heaven’s breast
And Hell’s dark arms embrace them near.
Their craft shall soon to depths be sent
And then in ag’ny, so shall they
Yet Thou whose word the waters bent
Canst sovereign rend the storm to save

Call with fire upon the night
Which wild and brutal writhes her rage
Then sing soft-sweetly to the wind
And battle with his shrieking wage
The heaving swells of boiling black
Shall be as glass beneath Thy feet
And then those hands which tear the wrack
Relapse unto eternal sleep

Take hold upon the trembling tears
And let Thy voice the heaven shake
So she shall shed her sodden years
Altars of awestruck terror make
Whet the sword! Draw out the bow
Drown our souls with solemn peace
Thy grace upon the waves rain blow
Gilt arcs of glory never cease

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The Evening and the Morning

The evening and the morning!
The darkness and the light.
The pinnacle of innocence–
Subtle beauty of the night.

Hear the call to rise and cavort
‘Neath the kisses of the sun,
And radiance be thy closest friend
Until gilt day is done.

For the moon with purest ice veil,
Clothes the world in silver rays–
Woos the Mystery of the nighttime
To traverse high and solemn ways.

Call forth a maid of midnight hair!
Call forth a maid of tresses gold–
Call forth the strength of copper sun!
Call forth the strength of tales untold.

Wilt choose then, the gemmy palate
Of the evening’s soft black silk?
Or wilt choose the azure canvas,
Graced with clouds of iv’ry milk?

Wilt thou choose the Morn’s fair wishes
As she stands at hand with purest pride?
Or wilt choose the Night’s true kisses
As she swiftly runs to laugh and hide?

Of shining Day and silver Night,
Two stars there are, and twain they be–
Look well to see thine own hid heart,
For these lights shine not the same to thee.

The evening and the morning!
The darkness and the light.
The pinnacle of innocence–
Subtle beauty of the night.

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Hello! I hope your Christmas season is going well.

The past few months have been crazy for me, but I hope to start posting on a more regular basis.

I’ll begin by putting back the poems I pulled off the site.

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