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When tennis-ball sized hail fell in Cheyenne a few weeks ago, it shattered our glass table into a thousand smithereens….

And when the words fell and the friends turned on their heels, and the silence prevailed, I felt something else shatter as well.

I’ve scarcely thought about the pile of glass in my front yard…but there are other broken things that I constantly grate and tear, that worked their way into my dreams.

And today I wanted, as close as I ever have in my life, revenge. For them to harvest a small sampling of the pain they’d forced me to reap.

But the only one gathering anything was me, when mom called me out front to help pick up all the glass.

I crouched and peered at the dirt and debris around me on that lawn. Some of the pieces were large, piled together, easy to find. Others were such tiny things, nestled at the base of the blades of grass.

And my biggest clue to finding each piece was the way they caught the light, like so many little gems, so many little stars.

I think we’ve all heard the analogy about how God can use even the broken things in our lives…how He can take those broken pieces and make something beautiful. And I know He can…

But what about when He DOESN’T? What about the times when all that’s given us is the brokenness?

A thousand tiny sharp shards to find, a thousand hours of wondering and searching down on your knees…

And I realized that the hunt for the pieces is not to put away the pain, to make sense of the chaos, to stop feeling the loss….

but to realize that even brokenness still glistens with The Light.


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